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Digital Visitor Management

Internal platform

The Challenge

In the past, Siemens sales representatives had to use a fractured landscape of tools such as email, phone and fax to organize customer visits at their factories, customer experience centers and showrooms. Siemens looked for a solution that would simplify the complex and multi-layered process.

The Solution

The Digital Visitor Management [DVM], a "single point of entry", identifies the most suitable location on the basis of customer requirements. All fields associated with planning and coordinating customer visits are integrated. Pillared on a digital transformation process touching UX, UI and service design, the DVM is a joyful, user-centered and goal-oriented internal platform.

A 360° visitor engagement platform boosting customer relationships.

Prior to the introduction of the DVM, the organization of a customer visit was very time-consuming and meant a high manual effort.

Many iteration loops (e.g. in the form of telephone calls or emails) were necessary to find a free time slot that was suitable for all involved persons and covered the interests of the customer.

With that said, Siemens wanted to create a self-service tool that would allow all Siemens divisions to easily plan and coordinate visits to Siemens factories and showrooms for their existing and potential clients.

This complex process offered a perfect opportunity for us to kick off a digital transformation process including UX, UI and service design aspects.

Working hand in hand with the Global Business Services Team, we created an outstanding experience that dramatically simplifies the process and focuses on user needs.

The result is the Siemens Digital Visitor Management DVM, an internal 360° visitor engagement platform for Sales and other Siemens divisions, digitalizing and facilitating the booking, approval, administration, planning and reporting process.

At every step of the design process we strove to add value and create a positive user experience.

So ultimately we designed the tool in ways that automatically integrate all fields associated with factory and showroom visits, starting with informing the factory reception, through to providing catering right up to organizing a factory tour guide and much more.

Office 365 was integrated, synchronizing calendars and mail boxes of all Siemens employees concerned, making the DVM a highly effective and efficient user experience.

Furthermore, the tool provides important insights regarding the visitors of Siemens factories & showrooms: ensuring that their needs & expectations are known upfront, transparency is created for Siemens as a service provider & company.

This leads to a higher engagement with potential or existing customers resulting in a better customer relationship management, business development and growth.

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