Siemens Energy

Designing a Self-Service HR Experience.


Compensation Insights Platform

The Challenge

Siemens Energy, a spin-off of the energy division from Siemens, needed a digital solution for their internal compensation process that works with a smaller support team than its former mother. Their vision was to unite their teams across the globe into a single, custom-built software user experience.

The Solution

With COIN -Compensation Insights- we developed a scalable internal product for compensation by applying Lean UX processes, enabling Siemens Energy to intelligently link a wide variety of data streams and processes and merge them into one easy-to-use touchpoint.

One touch-point. Many cases.

Merging a variety of tools into one single user interface, COIN creates transparency and guidance when it comes to managing a fair compensation at Siemens Energy.

The COIN platform not only empowers all Siemens Energy managers across the globe to manage their own HR matters. It also enables a fair, equal and unbiased compensation process by providing necessary information and AI-powered recommendations for an objective decision-making process.

Data driven decisions per default

In order to obtain a holistic picture for a complex compensation process, COIN follows a data driven and decision making approach to create transparency and guidance.

The navigation concept and information architecture for COIN unites and harmonizes diverse use cases and flows — the result is a consistent and holistic user experience. By reducing the amount of tools into one single user interface, we not just increased the acceptance by the users (managers and their team members), but also reduced the time and resources required for training.

A system built to scale

In addition to the agile setup we created a scalable design system right from the beginning, which ensures that the concept phase and the design phase nearly blend into each other, while increasing the quality of the work output with every sprint phase.

The beauty of data

With a project as data-driven as COIN, the representation and preparation of complex data, processes or structures was a particular challenge in regard to a successful UX design.

In addition to its informative character, the visual presentation must create connections and convey insights. Further it should evoke this special „WOW-moment“ without overwhelming or confusing the user.

Together with FLUID, we were able to create the best possible user experience for COIN, allowing all different types of users to get information intuitively or handle self-service processes efficiently.
Peter Dodell
Head of Tools & Processes, Global Compensation & Benefits Siemens Energy

Highlights & Capabilities

Teamwork built for the future.

Working on such a complex product requires an agile, digital and disruptive mindset. The close collaboration with Siemens Energy and FLUID empowered a playground of vision thinking, decision making and consumer centering, driven by an interdisciplinary setup.

A design framework that fits user needs.

A design process embedded within an agile team environment with multiple stakeholders for us meant to quickly develop concepts and low-fidelity prototypes to test their usability and align them with business and product requirements.