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The next generation of business communication.



A multi-platform solution


The Challenge

Developing an IP communication solution that is easily accessible, available everywhere and offering perfect usability across all mobile and desktop platforms.

The Solution

The new SWYX product family, a native software and true multi-platform solution,  works with all devices. The sophisticated interface is easy to navigate, can be handled intuitively and focuses on simple interactions and powerful features providing a most satisfying user experience.

A unified business communication system.

Telephony, voice mail, instant messaging, video - and teleconferences: these are the communication channels of our daily work routine.

People on the go are using multiple devices to communicate: mobile phones, tablets or desktop softphones (PC or Mac).

Our in-depth user research revealed an important challenge: despite all the new functionalities, the user still wants the level of complexity to be low. People don’t have time to study complicated manuals – they want simple, self-explanatory yet efficient solutions.

Getting to know all user needs, finding out what has and hasn’t worked in the past and defining personas helped to identify what really matters to the user in order to set priorities. This approach guaranteed development of a strong overall User Experience strategy that was clearly grounded in user-needs.

The result is the new Swyx product family. A native software and true multi-platform solution that works with all devices, providing a perfectly satisfying user experience.

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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