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Music app

The Challenge

Creating an app for world-leading audio expert Sennheiser offering music lovers and headphone users a simple way to optimize the sound, tone and headphone settings to their individual preferences.

The Solution

CapTune is an app and a player with integrated sound tuning. The user benefits from Sennheiser's expertise without having to be an expert, enabling him to activate his "perfect" sound for any situation with a single click.

From music experts for music lovers.

Using exploratory interviews, associative techniques and other qualitative market research methods, we identified different user scenarios and arrived at a key insight: People who appreciate good sound quality when listening to music via headphones constantly find themselves in situations that prevent them from doing precisely that.

At home or on the go, they are constantly exposed to changing ambient noise, use different music sources and wish they had some form of central sound adjustment for their headphones.

Based on the user insights gained, we produced some initial concept approaches in the form of wireframes for the iOS and Android platforms. For subsequent usability tests, we developed interactive prototypes that enabled the participants to interact with the app and give us valuable feedback.

In an iterative process the concept was refined with the ultimate goal of achieving simple, intuitive usability that is fun for consumers.


The SoundCheck function helps users discover their ‚perfect’ sound by letting them compare predefined equalizer settings. This offers expert grade choice without the need of personal expertise.

Sound profiles

Selected sounds & sound settings adjusted to a specific headphone can be stored as individual sound profiles and activated with just one click.

CapTune works with different music sources and services: both on local devices and with streamed music.

Its ingenious usability reflects Sennheiser’s values: the clear, self-confident and premium interface design is an excellent fit with the brand, thus establishing design guidelines for future digital products from Sennheiser.

CapTune is an app that lives up to Sennheiser’s aspiration: the pursuit of perfect sound.  


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