Merging physical and digital.

Smart Control

Mobile application

The Challenge

Introduce digital UX into Sennheiser’s hardware world and design a mobile application that can control, personalize and configure all existing and future Sennheiser consumer products while allowing the user to experience quality sound through an engaging and memorable user experience.

The Solution

Developed as a modular and adaptable system, the app Smart Control lets the user control Sennheiser's entire consumer product ecosystem. The quality, precision and technical perfection that Sennheiser is known for in their hardware world is translated into the digital world.

An app to control Sennheiser's entire consumer product ecosystem.

World-leading audio expert Sennheiser stands for physical and technical perfection and highest sound quality. Something users of Sennheiser consumer products and sound connoisseurs deeply appreciate and trust in.

Sennheiser is also all about the love for music, a very emotional and passionate theme. Designing an engaging and inspiring app experience leaves happy users who will link the positive experience back to the products and brand.

Two values, two worlds

So making both Sennheiser values - technical perfection and emotional satisfaction - visible when designing Smart Control was key.

We asked ourselves: “How do we bring emotions into an app that controls your hardware? How do we bring magic into the interaction?“

We did so by visualizing core functions like the EQ, calibration or noise canceling in an immersive and joyful way - so when using it, Smart Control opens up a beautiful and emotional world.

We supported Sennheiser from the initial strategy all the way through the app design and development, down to the last details of the implementation for iOS and Android.

A modular system

When starting out and designing Smart Control, it was planned to control the Ambeo soundbar and Momentum Earphones with the app.

In the course of the design process, it became apparent that a modular and flexible app that can control Sennheiser's entire existing and future consumer product family would make all the difference. Accordingly, the project became increasingly complex and profound and had a greater impact, since Smart Control meant the introduction of the important digital consumer product by a company dominated to date by hardware products.

Running user tests, we not only tested the user's interaction with the app but also wanted to understand how they interact with the hardware. As the hardware products didn't exist yet, the real challenge was to simulate the entire chain of the user experience - from unpacking, to on- boarding and daily use.

Smart Control

Simplifies the user’s life by unifying the operation of all Sennheiser consumer audio products - with all their respective features - into one app that stands out in terms of ease of use. Smart Control makes perfect sound accessible to everyone by providing an easy way to understand and use complex features like specialized noise canceling presets, transparent hearing, sophisticated room calibration, etc. thus creating a memorable user experience.

Together with Sennheiser, we developed a solution that not only engages the user and guides him through the possibilities of his product but also perfectly blurs the interaction between a digital and physical user experience.

We are listed among the top UX/UI agencies by designrush.

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