The Ultimate Wearables.



The Challenge

We don’t want to just carry technology, we would rather like to wear it! We took on this challenge exploring new technology and smart industry 4.0 processes to creating a new design expression and fashion statement for the product category headphones.

The Solution

A new paradigm for premium and highly personalized headphones based on new 3D knitting technology expressing comfort and seamlessly embedding controls and advanced technology within the textile surface.

Headphones that become part of you.

The promise of wearables is to perfectly blend into your style and clothing and with that into your everyday life. They should fit your needs and lifestyle - not the other way around.

Soundwear exudes a high sense of comfort through the tactility of the fabric and presents a product that has a refreshingly non-tech expression.

100% seamless design

The new material and the production process create to a whole new aesthetic in this field.

It allows a clean and seamless design, hiding all mechanical parts and offering a higher level of formal integration, comfort and warmth.

Customizable parts and touch-sensitive controls are all structurally embedded into the woven product surface.

Everything you couldn't do in plastic...

New technologies offer amazing opportunities for innovative design expressions and unseen user experiences and with this the opportunity to explore new unexpected territories for users and brands.

3D knitting offers a soft seamlessness paired with precision. It can include controls and technology that are woven directly into the fabric. This offers comfort, perfect fit, and allows a variety of material combinations. Beyond this there are two major wearable benefits: customization and material lightness.

Personalize it

With Soundwear, personalization within the automated production process is easy and offers endless possibilities - choosing colors, textures, patterns and materials. This allows for great self-expression, fit to trends and personal lifestyle. The headphones become a canvas for you to create your best matching style.

Highlights & Capabilities