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Alta TV

4k TV

Alta TV

The Challenge

IoT technology, product and service supplier BOE wanted us to transform a technical product into a premium lifestyle object and experience embodying the company’s philosophy of simplicity.

The Solution

With a consistently bold, minimalist, two stroke design in mind, we longed for magical thinness and longevity and created the BOE Alta. By reducing product and interface to its essence, an iconic, charismatic device was created which never goes unnoticed.

A magical product experience starts with the first touch.

The magic thinness of the 4K Alta TV transforms a technical product into a premium lifestyle object that becomes part of your home, like classic furniture or lighting.

Both, the physical and on-screen user interface was driven by our quest for minimalism. On the hardware side, the urge for simplicity lead to ONE textile cable, which supports the screen content as the main star.

The reduced on-screen UI further supports that with beautiful typography, written on translucent sheets of paper to focus on the content.

Clear and understandable steps lead the user easily through the set-up process while subtile UI elements compliment the high-resolution media content on the TV display.

The navigation is outstandingly simple: all relevant functions are easily accessible and adapt intelligently to the current source.

We created a consistently bold design, from the overall product gesture, its materials and details, all the way down to the interface and packaging. We feel very honoured that BOE gave us such a "carte blanche".

Celebrating the art of less.

"This product is minimalistic, puristic and innovative. It enthuses due to the application of high quality materials (...) and the new approach of integrating electronics and loud speakers in the base component of the TV."
IF Award 2015 Jury

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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