Conquering the outdoor segment.


rugged smartphone

The Challenge

Develop Gigaset’s overall design strategy and corresponding design language for their newly established outdoor smartphone products portfolio and design the first Gigaset-branded mobile outdoor phone: the GX4.

The Solution

The GX4 clearly expresses the Gigaset brand and marks a rugged smartphone for everyone with an active lifestyle & demanding work. Its design supports and communicates durability and builds on the sporty-active outdoor design expression and style.

The outdoor market

The rugged smartphone market incorporates two sub- categories: The consumer rugged smartphones are consumer oriented and sporty and retain key characteristics of a conventional smartphone, while the ultra rugged smartphones are specifically designed for industrial use and to survive extremely harsh environments. Both segments are expected to see continued growth. 

Our strategic approach

When our longtime client Gigaset approached us at the start of the development of their new outdoor smartphone products, it was key to first build a solid design-strategic foundation and design language that both reflects the heritage of the classic German brand paired with the needs of the active and rugged target market.

Together with the Gigaset team, we defined a strategy for design expression that does justice to both ends of the spectrum.

The product design

This way we ensured that any chosen design direction will be suitable for a product withstanding extreme conditions and still be recognizable as such at first sight. Additionally we made sure to incorporate the right level of aesthetics and elegance that would set the different Gigaset outdoor devices apart from other products offered in the market.

One of the core design elements we introduced was the circular element on the back of the phones, which is one of the signature features of Gigaset devices in the history of the brand. The orange accent color highlights certain touchpoint and protective elements and is a subtle reference to the brand’s corporate color.

The back is solid and water-resistant and features a nature-inspired pattern that adds texture to the overall design while enhancing grip and durability. It is the perfect pro-tool to successfully support users at work or on their adventures.

Working with FLUID on this ambitious project, seeing how the design and product character developed, has been a very rewarding adventure.
Armin P. Kanani
Head of Design, Gigaset Communications

Highlights & Capabilities

From prototype to final product.

The final design of GX4 was developed in an integrated design development approach with the Gigaset team: from sketches, first CAD files to prototypes, models and their final 3D CAD surfacing up to color-material-finish definition.

The new outdoor product family.

Based on the Gigaset design language principles, the GX4 has become a clear member of the Gigaset brand, its new outdoor product family, within which it clearly represents the ultra-rugged device for demanding environments.