Designed to save lives.

Barryvox S

Avalanche transceiver

The Challenge

Developing, together with international avalanche specialist and scientists, the next-generation smart avalanche transceivers (beacons) for world-leading outdoor specialist Mammut.

The Solution

A new powerful search mechanism, unprecedented big display and simplified visual interface boosts the Barryvox's usability and performance and maximizes the effectiveness of a beacon search.

When nature becomes a matter of life and death.

After leading the market for more than ten years, the next smart generation of Mammut`s avalanche transceivers was ready to be designed.

Cutting corners on the way to the victim

When searching people trapped in avalanches, time becomes the crucial parameter. For the BarryvoxS, named after the fabled Swiss avalanche rescue dog Barry, new powerful features were developed to boost up its usability and performance and maximize the effectiveness of a beacon search.

Extreme easy-to-use handling and powerful search functions dramatically simplify the beacon search helping to save lives. A search strip width of 70 meters shortens the search path.

The new BarryvoxS generation combines a highly powerful search with intuitive handling to help find buried subjects quickly, easily and reliably. A new secure lock function helps to avoid an undesired change of mode during use.

An outstandingly and unprecedented large display and a simplified visual interface make it dramatically easier to keep track at a glance, in particular under stress, while the intuitive navigation reliably assists the search and helps to avoid detours.

"Together with FLUID we were able to do a major leap regarding usability and performance of the new BarryvoxS generation."
Ilari Dammert
Senior Product & Project Manager Avalanche Safety, Mammut Sports Group

Highlights & Capabilities

The accompanying carrying system

Barry Mount, the new carrying system, can be quickly adjusted to the size of the user’s body and can be operated easily with one hand and wearing gloves. Mammut’s new safety color orange makes the keys always visible even in at light.

Taking the housing to its next level

The housing, realized in a refined 2K injection-moulding process, perfectly adapts to the users hands and withstands any weather conditions. A new secure lock function helps to avoid an undesired change of mode during use.