Embracing the trend of urban gardening.



Urban mini garden


The Challenge

Creating a ready-planted urban mini garden for the balcony or terrace which easily adapts to any environment and the users’ needs.

The Solution

Beautifully designed, the urban mini-garden Greenling is equipped with a unique plug-in system for an easy replacement of plants, smart irrigation and an extra table function.

Bringing home a piece of nature.

Even people who live in cities increasingly long for a piece of nature around them. We wanted to offer a way to create a „garden feeling“ that satisfies this need even in the smallest of spaces.

So together with start-up Greenling, we developed a ready-planted, stylish mini-garden especially designed for an urban lifestyle.

Focusing on functionality & ease of use

For us designers, one focus was on an innovative plug-in system that allows for a very simple and straightforward exchange of plants. Each plant sits in its own container and can be arranged individually. The plant container itself is made of an ultra-light, UV-resistant and frost-proof material.

The intelligent irrigation system with an integrated water tank helps the owner to create ideal conditions for his plants easily.

A built-in table function allows the mini-garden to be used in a variety of ways.

Natural beauty

In our effort to create a piece of nature, we have chosen a friendly, cozy and natural-looking design. The edges of the plastic water tray were rounded and finished with sidewall details.

In order to offer individual solutions for every desire, we implemented the possibility of color selection for the water tray and also for the table frame. Now, the customer can choose between several colors and combinations.

As part of the product development process, we brought engineers and manufacturers on board to find the best materials and construction solutions for the Greenling.

If you are a city dweller with a love for plants and nature, you might be ready for a Greenling!

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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