Sophisticated design meets smart sound.


audio brand

The Challenge

Creating a consistent product family for "best agers", combining timeless design with a strong sense of character.

The Solution

With OPERA, we created an iconic design that stands out with clear silhouettes and an approachable UI for an exceptional sound experience.

OPERA, a mature audio brand with character.

The market for audio products has experienced immense growth in recent years. With a wide variety of designs, from classic to progressive, new product paradigms and design concepts are being introduced on a regular basis.

This development was mostly driven by technological developments and shake-ups: From analog to digital, from "wired" to "wireless" and "mobile", from download to streaming services and the associated form factors, design concepts and styles.

In this market, strong brands with a history, a clear design, a focus on usability and a consistent design language have clear advantages.

The surrounding frame gains personality. It becomes an iconic 3D element, communicating high quality, precision and design finesse. Beyond that, the frame intentionally creates a stage for the logo, proudly highlighting and celebrating the brand.

The combination of traditional physical and digital on-screen interaction elements provides intuitiveness and a valuable, holistic design.

The well balanced shapes and proportions form a clear silhouette and very approachable overall appearance. A clear, precisely detailed zoning with flush surfaces and reduced contrasts creates a harmonious, modern overall image.

Sophisticated sound meets smart technology.

Highlights & Capabilities