Designing from the inside out.


High-end workstation

The Challenge

Designing the new line of high-end workstations to improve ease of use and maintenance.

The Solution

A completely redesigned product from the inside-out. Modular, swap-able components based on real user needs maximize user friendliness, accessibility and work efficiency.

The next generation of Fujitsu’s high-end workstations.

Building on our strong 10 year partnership in developing and evolving the corporate design for Fujitsu’s product range, we designed the next generation of Fujitsu`s high-end workstations.

For the CELSIUS line, we clearly went beyond the bold Fujitsu front panel appearance and designed the interior and modular, swap-able components to focus on ease-of-use and accessibility. This is also apparent in the fully integrated handle, which is a premiere for Fujitsu workstations.

The result is a completely redesigned product from the inside-out based on real user needs.

To underline the cable-free setup of the internal modules, the visual usability-concept with green touchpoint elements was applied with clear and easy access-covers and large, descriptive icons.

The iconic front panel design and internal guides were optimized to ensure an optimal air-flow supporting high performance by low noise emission.

"The Fujitsu CELSIUS is a high-end computer with excellent built quality, backed by a reliable brand image. Intended for the commercial market, it is still very user-friendly with regards to maintenance and upgrading."
iF Design Award
Jury 2018

Highlights & Capabilities