The smart way to wear style.


Smart bracelets

The Challenge

In today’s world with its many distractions, there is a strong need for simplification and for solutions that suit our dynamic lifestyle while helping to make our lives easier.

The Solution

Eclipse and Mygo, two smart bracelets, perfectly combine technology and functionality with style. Both are crafted to support and guide users in their daily life with tailored aesthetics and refined interaction.

Fashionable wearables that answer your needs

Eclipse answers the needs of urbanites who want to meet their daily challenges in a playful and joyous way.

It offers easy payment for public transport and access to car sharing, keeps track of your daily tasks, alerts & notifications. It even functions as a healthcare monitor guiding you and your motivation to lead a balanced life.

As such, Eclipse is the ideal companion for a busy day guiding the user through life more efficiently. A range of sophisticated colors and premium materials to fit any personal taste is available to adapt to the user's personal style.

Measuring steps, altitude, distance and speed, Mygo specifically addresses sports and fitness. Being both, a personal trainer in a wearable form as well as a healthcare monitor, it keeps its users motivated to reach new goals while making sure they stay in full control of the body. A classic, circular shape and minimalistic design paired with an intuitive and simple user interface turn Mygo into a practical and timeless tool that adds a bit of magic to life.

The seamless, simple design and soft material create the perfect active companion. Its unique pattern on the inside further supports wearability comfort and enables the skin to breathe while exercising.

Its interface magically appears through the housing material only when its support is needed. Activated through touch, the reduced user interface appears and guides the user in an intuitive and engaging way.

The wristband comes in three different sizes and various colours.

Eclipse and Mygo are both iconic pieces of smart jewellery which integrate ubiquitous technology seamlessly into our daily lives and lifestyles by focusing on simple and engaging design gestures and products experiences.

Highlights & Capabilities