Embrace your senses. Create your mood.


Interactive atmosphere creator

The Challenge

We believe that in this fast-paced world well-being requires dedication. The process of creating offers an incredibly positive focus and clears the mind. That’s why we want to elevate this experience to a new level and help you to create your very own contemplative atmosphere in your home.

The Solution

ATMO is a unique object with sensory outputs, that invites you to a creative and immersive moment of contemplation. Its mystical appearance offers a multi sensorial experience and the possibility of self-expression. Get lost in the process of creation with ATMO and design your mood.

A magical experience.

Tap into the power of active contemplation with ATMO and let yourself be carried away into a creative, multi sensorial adventure.

Interact with the device to generate and control atmospheric sound, mystical light and sensuous aromas. Play to create a magical and immersive atmosphere.

ATMO offers an interactive and real-time ASMR experience right at your fingertips. What would your journey feel like?

The intuitive interface on the top lets you add new layers of sensorial outputs and control parameters such as intensity, pace and tone. With ATMO, we introduce a concept that adapts to your mood and gives you the tool to transform your home into an oasis.

ATMO introduces the next generation of smart wellness. Your mood is in your hands!

Highlights & Capabilities