Exceeding design expectations.


Home cycle trainer

The Challenge

Designing a home cycle trainer that people actually want to put on display at home.

The Solution

Vela demonstrates the power of design aesthetics to shift the paradigm of training at home.

Transforming home exercise with an avant-garde cycle trainer.

Outside the gym a cycle trainer looks out of place. Yet they are marketed to be used at home. As designers we want to fix broken design paradigms when we spot them, so we took on this challenge.

The result is Vela, a cycle trainer with an avant-garde aesthetic that looks radically different than cycle trainers as you know them. It is a functional sculpture, that decorates the home with its minimalistic design.

During training the user is surrounded by spacious and appealing projections that inform about training goals instead of body metrics, so users can fully immerse in the training exercise.

By expressing the users' passion for their lifestyle through outstanding aesthetics, Vela transforms home exercise.

Our innovative cycle trainer VELA is currently exhibited in the Neue Sammlung in Munich "X-D-E-P-O-T" until 2041 , located in the Museum Pinakothek der Moderne.

Highlights & Capabilities