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Your personal trainer.



Intelligent fitness mat


The Challenge

How can we transform training equipment into compelling experiences based around beautifully designed, behaviour-inspiring tools for a healthy lifestyle?

The Solution

The intelligent fitness mat TERA is an elegant carpet that beautifully blends into any contemporary interior. It transforms seamlessly into an individual high-tech exercise mat with a multitude of functions.

Shifting from design object into high-tech exercise tool.

Today’s home training gear is designed for a professional studio environment – a habitat very different from our homes. Conventional training equipment feels foreign in our personal space.

We created TERA, a design concept that combines fitness and fashionable living in a harmonious blend. TERA shows how home training can be both - a beautiful design object and a compelling, behaviour-inspiring tool for a healthy lifestyle.

The elegant carpet is made of eco-friendly shear wool by premium manufacturer Kvadrat and is wear- and slip-resistent.

Personalized Fitness

TERA‘s intelligent surface recognizes movement patterns and transforms seamlessly into a fitness mat, activating a specially developed app.

The accompanying app guides the user through training units of different disciplines like Yoga, Pilates or Thai Bo, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Is also tracks progress that can be shared with a personal trainer. The circular shape of the mat is designed to accommodate the natural radius of human motion during exercise, making transitions between poses and keeping up the flow of the practice easier.

To verify our vision, we built a full size working prototype with a lot of improvisation and fun.

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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