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Shifting the design paradigm of home training.



Climbing wall


The Challenge

Designing a climbing wall for personal use that contributes to the aesthetics of the home.

The Solution

Artistic design expression, innovative interaction and meaningful usage of technology led us to set new standards for our home climbing wall Nova and to redefine training at home.

Creating a new category for progressive living environments.

Today’s home training gear is rarely granted a spotlight in peoples homes. It is designed for professional environments ‐ a habitat very different from our homes.

We picked up the challenge and considered the place of use in the design of Nova, a personal climbing wall for the home.

The wall consists of panels with decorative yet functional pattern-cut-outs as they replace the colored holds usually found on regular training walls.

Nova’s new take on the design expression was paired with a compelling interactive interface: climbing routes are flexibly indicated through light to offer a variety of climbing options and difficulty levels.

Users select a route using their smartphone and receive personalized training. Sensors in the wall track performance and suggest exercises to improve personal performance. When the wall is not in use users can enjoy the ambience that the lights create.

Nova is a game-changer, from design expression to interaction concept to meaningful usage of available technology.

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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