Reduce downtime costs and increase plant efficiency.



Cloud-based platform


The Challenge

Relaunch of the cloud-based software platform BCAP to make complex data easily understood while ensuring intuitive navigation, customization and scalability.

The Solution

BCAP 2.0 helps the process industry to gain better insights from data and analytics and by that reduce downtime costs and increase plant efficiency & quality.

Leveraging insights of big data to prevent plant downtime and increase efficiency.

Bilfinger enables the successful digital transformation of the process industry with state-of-the-art digital solutions and a deep understanding for the industry.

BCAP is a cloud-based platform on which all data from the areas of engineering, plant operation and maintenance are integrated, analyzed and visualized.

The goal is to further optimize plant effectiveness while reducing costs. With the second release of BCAP, Bilfinger wanted to make it easy for its customers to gather information and help identify improvement potential early on to further reduce unplanned downtime while enhancing plant productivity and increasing quality.

FLUID was chosen as a trusted partner to design the user interface of BCAP that would make the experience easy to use while allowing it to be scalable for the years to come. BCAP is currently being released to Bilfinger customers and is set to be the leader in its field.

“FLUID supported us at Bilfinger by designing the user experience for our leading platform BCAP which enables digital transformation in process industries. The challenge was to design a simple yet scalable way of providing relevant information to a wide range of users from shopfloor to executives. The final solution provides BCAP users countless possibilities while still being easy to use.”
Dr.-Ing. Amir Gheisi
Lead Product Manager, Bilfinger Digital Next

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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