Rethink workshop planning.


Mobile App

The Challenge

Visualize time-driven processes by developing a mobile application that allows users to effortlessly create, modify, track and share workshops no matter where they are.

The Solution

Onetimer is a mobile application that enables users to manage their schedules and regain control over every aspect of it. By providing two views, users can easily switch between time and schedule view to focus on what matters most.

Initially developed to meet our in-house needs. Developed for everyone.

At FLUID, we all use different timers, but none of them really meet all our needs. Conventional timers are not designed for consecutive time sequences, and it is often not possible to quickly change or adjust a segment.

This leads to unnecessary stress for the workshop leader, who needs to focus on the workshop and the participants. So we asked ourselves: how can we respond to these needs and turn them into opportunities?

Transition to an outstanding user experience

Good UX means listening to the users needs and taking the opportunity to develop new solutions.The challenge was to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows our users to switch variably between the two modes (schedule focus, time focus).

Through a single swipe motion, Onetimer seamlessly switches from the schedule view into the time view, allowing the user's attention to focus on the most important task: the workshop.

Onetimer is featured on app design awards.

Highlights & Capabilities

Tested by our teams

During our user testing, it quickly became clear that our team prefers different modes for different purposes. It turned out that when creating a workshop, we think in terms of schedules. When conducting a workshop, on the other hand, we want a clear and time-focused visualization.

Available for iOS