Supporting accurate diagnostics in high-growth and mature markets.

A blood gas analyzer of high quality.

Client Radiometer
The challenge

In high-growth market hospitals, users are less experienced in using blood gas analyzers. 

In mature markets, health care professionals would like to spend more time with the patient instead of in front of the instrument. Thus, creating a user-friendly analyzer was key.

The result

The ABL9 is a highly intuitive, easy-to-use blood gas analyzer that focuses on usability, safety and effectiveness.

In emerging markets like China, the increasing standard of living raised people’s expectations about the quality of care at their hospital. Everywhere in China, hospitals are eager to keep up, but they need to balance out the required investment costs.

Radiometer set out to create a new device that can support health care professionals, both in high growth markets and mature markets, in their diagnosis. There was a particular focus on design and user experience for the ABL9 analyzer. The ambitious objective was, for the entirety of the design including the GUI and hardware, to create a device so intuitive that it would become a plug and play solution for the user.

Together with the client, our designers traveled with prototypes to China. There, we conducted extensive user testing in hospital test environments with nurses, hospital laboratory professionals and even upcoming users in universities throughout the country to ensure ease of use and avoid any miscommunication of the device.

With the ABL9, Radiometer and FLUID developed a completely intuitive user experience. All processes from running a blood sample test to exchanging consumables are guided via physical touch points and corresponding on-screen guidance. Complex processes are made simple.

„With the design of the ABL9, we definitely hit the objective to have an easy to use system that still carries Radiometer’s high quality image.

Users tell us it is a beautiful product, which is a true compliment considering it is a medical device“

Duff Pickering, SenDx, a Radiometer company, Director Worldwide Marketing

As the ABL9 was part of an overall UX-driven design language project with FLUID, its software and hardware interaction is perfectly in-tune with the new generation of Radiometer devices from blood gas analyzers to transcutaneous monitors.

This consistency across all product platforms ensures a fluid user-experience for its users moving from one device to the other as part of their daily hospital workflows.

  • Up-front user interviews
  • Use-flow analysis
  • Expert review
  • Industrial Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Engineering Concept Development
  • Digital & Physical Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Implementation Support
  • Quality Assurance
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