Optimizing dental imaging diagnosis.

DIAGNOcam™ Vision

Intraoral dentist camera

The Challenge

Designing the next generation of KaVo’s innovative intraoral camera that would fit into the company’s design language and bring it to a premium level.

The Solution

A light-weight, highly ergonomic innovative hand-held intraoral camera that expresses the finesse and sophistication of its embedded functions.

Precise and empathic design advancing users to be in control.

KaVo, an international leader in the dental industry, approached us with the task to design the next generation of their innovative intraoral camera and visually integrate it into the existing KaVo product family.

A challenging task was to create a design expression that both looks professional, generating trust in high-precision technology and on the other hand appears non-technical and approachable, integrating well into modern dentist practices.

To solve this seeming conflict, we set on empathic design and created a device distilled to its essence, supported by soft and seamless shapes serving as a natural extension of the hand.

Together with contrasting materials, textures and colors, the camera’s seamlessness and simplicity emphasizes KaVo’s scientific innovation.

A more efficient workflow for early caries detection

Combining 3 pioneering technologies, the DIAGNOcam™ Vision Full HD generates intraoral, transillumination and fluorescence images with one  single click.

This dramatically improves the workflow during dental imaging diagnosis.

The two identical touch panels on the upper and bottom surface of the camera allow to easily take pictures of the upper and lower jaw. An LED gives feedback on the status of the camera: white for „in use“, blue for „standby“ and red for „errors“.

Highlights & Capabilities

Optimized ergonomics for fatigue-free working.

In addition to workflow optimization, our focus was on ergonomic handling for effortless work.

With iterative usability evaluations of 3D-printed low-fidelity mock-ups we were able to optimize the weight balance and guarantee a comfortable handling of the device regardless of the angle at which it is held.

Generating trust with design.

The integrated, reduced and approachable design of the DIAGNOcam™ Vision Full HD reassures patients during their visit at the dentist, contributing to a comfortable experience.