Rethink pour over coffee making

A customer-centric approach to reshape Melitta's coffee offering.

Client Melitta
The challenge

Designing a remarkable electrical pour over coffee maker with integrated grinder for Melitta’s new pour over range.

The result

Bringing the beauty of manual pour over into a machine: the electric pour over coffee maker EPOS precisely simulates brewing coffee by hand. 

The 360° spout movement successfully pours patterns that ensure the coffee is dampened as if done manually.

Unlocking the potential


During co-creation workshops in New York and Amsterdam with Melitta we took a deep dive into coffee culture and todays socio-cultural trends to identify and work out a strategy to extend Melitta’s product portfolio.

Product concepts and value propositions


In a fast iterating, lean ideation process, we helped Melitta’s  team to shape, express and evaluate product concepts and value propositions. 


As a major tool to collect real world user feedback on alternative value propositions at an early stage, we used lean concept validation incl. virtual landing page testings, that helped the team to generate quick results. This enabled us to iterate quickly and transfer our assumptions seamlessly into knowledge for the product development.

Turning it into a product


Aesthetics and functionality of Melitta’s new coffee maker EPOS are combined beautifully: the open design allows to experience the pour over brewing process with all senses. 

"Creating a new design paradigm that speaks ‚pour over‘ and clearly distinguishes from ‚classic‘ filter coffee machines was key for the design. Only by this differentiation the product manifests it’s uniques features and brewing capabilities.“

Samuel Coendet, part of the FLUID Design team

EPOS is designed in a very open architecture, consisting of two towers that house the grinder and brewing unit.


The rotating spout is consciously exposed and highlighted with metal elements to enable a good view on the brewing process and attract the user’s attention.


The rack and coffee filter, placed in front of the machine, are classic elements of the manual brewing world. Finally all the product elements are positioned on a simple base creating one product-unit. 

A key role for the premium design expression is the distinctive color & material choice. The well balanced play of matt surface textures and coloured highlights and patterns, refer to the high value utensils used for the manual brewing process. 


The capacitive touch panel lets the user set individual brewing choices easily and intuitively.

  • Research 
  • Design Strategy
  • User Testings
  • Industrial Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Prototyping
  • Implementation Support
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