Celebrating a perfect tea experience.

Avoury One

Tea machine

The Challenge

Designing a tea machine serving exceptional tea quality and delivering an all new tea preparation experience.

The Solution

A revolutionary, innovative tea machine invented by Melitta Single Portions under the new brand AVOURY, offering highest tea quality at a simple press of a button. Convenience, simplicity and modern timeless design - all in one.

A new tea culture premium tea machine.

Avoury One is a premium capsule tea machine offering an all new preparation process and great usability.

Its pure and simple design and the soft, curved and calm lines reflect increasingly important values ​​of our time like deceleration, mindfulness & sensuality.

The design of the Avoury One is built around an inviting user interface area with highly intuitive and easily accessible functionalities from capsule insertion to individual setting for water temperature, portions and brewing time.

The tea machine is designed in a landscape format, offering the space needed to allow the user celebrate the process of „teamaking“. To further highlight water as main ingredient for Avoury’s over fourty tea flavours the water tank stands in the front, exposed and clear.

The body of the iconic tea capsule, made of high-quality recycled and recyclable material, is designed in form of a drop reflecting water as the essence of the process.

The Avoury One is highly intelligent - by insertion of the capsule the type of tea and the associated tea preparation (water temperature and brewing time) is recognized. The intuitive touch user interface allows the user to adjust these parameters to an even more personal taste.

In the innovative brewing chamber, hot water circulates slowly through the capsule without pressure.

The tea is gently swirled around so that its fine nuances and flavours can develop freely.

The final CMF concept was developed and implemented by our partner design agency FUTURE+YOU.

Highlights & Capabilities

Collaborative process

Elegant colour variants

Avoury One comes in three colour variants. One key design element is a silver or copper metal band expanding beautifully around the center of the machine forming a softly sculpted spout resembling the flow of water.