Blood collection without needles.

Shifting paradigms in diagnostics.

Client Loop Medical
The challenge

Creating a modern and easy-to-use device that can draw blood needle-free. Also, the goal was to make it accessible to everyone and adapt to the patient's lifestyle. 

The result

Loop Medical is a smart way of gentle and painless blood collection. It stands out for its minimalist, intuitive design and ease of use, requiring only minimal training for its users.

Loop Medical is an all-in-one product, ready for immediate use.

By placing the product on the skin and pressing the yellow button, a strong vacuum is created which holds the device in position and initiates blood withdrawal. Unique technology allows for a needle-free and painless blood collection. 


Loop Medical features a built-in collection cartridge that can be removed easily after use and sent to a laboratory. As a single-use device, it guarantees safety and ease-of-use.


The simple, iconic look and minimalist design has been optimized for ease of use and cartridge visibility.

The label with its vibrant colors is an integral part of the design. With its bold and graphic "dot" button design, it contributes to its appealing look. 

  • Industrial design
  • Prototyping
  • Concept development
  • Implantation support
  • Art direction
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