Empowering women in birth control.

Innovating gynecology by introducing a gentle IUD insertion.

The challenge

Overcome the pain in gynecology that women have endured for over 100 years by designing  a gentle, but precise tool for IUD insertion.  

The result

A modern, innovative and women-friendly cervical tenaculum device that causes neither pain nor bleeding without compromising on performance.

One of the most effective contraception options is the intrauterine device (IUD). Yet, 90% of patients report mild to severe pain during insertion procedures. During this medical intervention the doctor has to pierce the cervix’s tissue with a traditional tenaculum in order to insert the IUD. Because of the fear of pain and trauma during insertion, many women do not select an IUD as their contraceptive method.

Based on in-depth research with gynaecologists, patients and midwives, we designed Carevix™️.



The patient experience 

The patient´s well-being in mind, Carevix uses a suction technology to secure the cervix. In contrast to the traditional tenaculum, it significantly reduces pain and causes no bleeding during and after the procedure. The modern and simple look of the device creates trust and helps women to feel reassured. It stands in strong and positive contrast to the currently used tenaculum.

The gynaecologist experience


With Carevix, we have created a real milestone. It is carefully designed for seamless and intuitive use. Its simple design puts emphasis on the important elements only, making it easy to understand how to prepare and operate the device.

Together with the single button interaction, Carevix ensures a great user experience.


Carevix re-invents gynaecology in a modern way.


  • Industrial Design 
  • Persona creation
  • UX architecture
  • UI/UX Design
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