One world. Onetime.


World Clock App

The Challenge

As an international company working for clients from all over the world, we thought: there must be a more easy way to schedule meetings around the world.

The Solution

Built on the metaphor of the earth rotation, Onetime displays all the cities that matter to you as they move through the day and night in a natural, clockwise direction referencing the international date line.

Different time zones meet Onetime.

With Onetime, an app for smartphones, users know at only one glance what time it is in all places around the world. Scheduling meetings between different time zones has never been easier: one touch on the screen lets the user find out the best time to meet.

Fly through time & Share it

Schedule meetings with the Onetime “Share” feature. With Timetravel you can quickly find the right moment to schedule that important phone conference or catch your loved ones before their bedtimes.

Highlights & Capabilities

The initial Napkin Sketch

These days our daily lives are both — more global and more connected. We needed a way to simply see the corresponding time anywhere at a glance.

Available for iOS