Your social finance network.


Social finance app

The Challenge

Creating a social finance app for mobile devices that lets users transfer money or split bills among friends and family.

The Solution

Lending and collecting money, splitting, paying or prepaying bills: Lendstar enables the user to make all kinds of financial transactions safely within his private network of friends and family, thus replacing the bank.

Social finance networking. Convenient, safe and easy.

Lendstar is an app for mobile devices that turns your private contacts into a personal financial network that replaces the bank.

Lendstar‘s features are designed around 4 typical use cases based on real life situations:

Users out of cash can borrow from their personal network to save on overdraft fees and transfer it back later from their phone.

Users can collect money from a group of friends or family for a joint expense like a present.

User can pre-pay a bill like a taxi-ride or a restaurant bill and make sure they are reimbursed from the others later.

Collective expenses (e.g. for a shared flat) can be recorded in one place and split up evenly by the app users.

Highlights & Capabilities