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Expanding the stroller market with an e-platform.


eStroller Systems

Electric Drive Unit

eStroller Systems

The Challenge

Designing a smart electric drive unit for eStrollers including a battery system, the mechanical parking brake and the wheels.

The Solution

A high-tech solution coming in a beautifully integrated, non-technical design. The system comprises two smart electric motors and a battery pack with a removable battery.

Designing a platform to provide comfort and safety for baby strollers.

The electric drive unit is the jewel of the eStroller empowering and supporting the user in any situation.

The components of the eStroller system - two smart electric motors mounted to the stroller’s rear axis, a battery pack with a removable lithium-ion battery, based on a rechargeable battery system and a parking brake - are all designed to work perfectly together.

Sophisticated integration

With its minimized technical component sizes and a seamless visual consistency between all components, the drive unit is designed for maximum integration with a stroller.

The electric drive unit is designed to ensure an outstanding usability

An LED ring on both sides offers clear indication of battery status, bluetooth pairing mode and brake setting. The battery is removable for charging. The parking brake, with its clear indication of color, lets the user know when the stroller is in safety mode.

The magic is always in the detail

The electric drive unit for eStrollers is a modular platform. It can be adapted to various eStrollers and electric drive-supported products in the future.

The battery unit can also  be integrated easily in all strollers with an electric drive unit.

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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