Making meteorological satellite data more accessible.


User Portal

The Challenge

EUMETSAT – a European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment from space – approached us to create a new digital platform where all of their satellite data and digital services come together. It should also provide relevant data informations and various methods to access the data.

The Solution

The new EUMETSAT User Portal enables users to access all satellite data, services and informations with a single login. With a clean dashboard design and an overarching search experience, the huge amount of satellite data is now easily accessible and comprehensible. In addition to the large data library, the User Portal also provides interesting content pages with relevant information required to understand the satellite data.

Unifying data, services and knowledge for a holistic experience

EUMETSAT operates a system of meteorological satellites that observe the atmosphere, ocean and land surfaces from space – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – on behalf of the European member states. From governmental institutions, weather stations and  universities: different target groups, each coming with specific needs & requirements, had to be adressed.

When designing the new User Portal, it was key to structure the user interface in such a way that a huge amount of satellite data with all the associated access methods and the corresponding background knowledge could be displayed without overwhelming the users. This was made possible by a well thought-out navigation concept that provides quick access to the individual pieces of information and links related content.

Different ways to access data

Satellite data is not a static information. It is constantly changing, which is why EUMETSAT offers data subscription models to keep end users up to date for a period of their choice. On the other hand, satellite data is available in different formats. To solve this problem and reduce complexity, we have developed a dedicated details page for each data type, listing all the access methods and data formats that can be selected and subscribed to.

A new knowledge base to learn all about satellite data

Satellite data alone are just numbers or complex images. To understand and interpret them correctly, the user needs specialised knowledge. That's why we've created a dedicated section with visually appealing content and clear explanations to help users understand more about satellite data and what it might tell us about our planet.

Highlights & Capabilities

Overarching Search Experience

A well thought-out UX concept for the search helps users to find exactly what they need in the mass of information. It structures the search results into different categories to create a clear understanding of what the results will be about. It also helps to highlight related content.

Building upon existing code

To reduce the development department's workload for the frontend, we tried to reuse as many coded components of the existing EUMETSAT website as possible. This not only saves time during implementation, but also helps to create a cohesive design language across different platforms.