From Concept to Comfort.

BM 53

Blood Pressure Monitor

The Challenge

Establishing a new design for a range of home blood pressure monitors for Beurer.

The Solution

The first product representing the new iconic design focusing on ease of use and distinctive characteristics.

Designing a Home Monitoring Device

The Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BM 53 marries medical reliability with home-friendly simplicity to instill trust among users. The soft bottom surface and a clear top interface further reflect this.

Key to its ergonomic design is a signature cutout in the back and an interface that tilts toward the user, making it more accessible and easier to operate.

Thoughtful details like two user memories, selectable via a physical switch, ensure the device is both intuitive and practical for daily use.

A strategic partnership

As Beurer's strategic design partner, we have developed the company's newly defined design language and product design guidelines to ensure a consistent company portfolio. The BM 53 blood pressure monitor serves as an excellent example to represent the newly established characteristics of Beurer's Home Monitoring Devices range.

Highlights & Capabilities

The user experience in mind

Crafted to cater to every aspect of its target group - from its large display and interface fonts to its approachable buttons: every detail of this product is tailored to enhance usability. Its compact footprint makes it convenient for storage at home, while its ergonomically angled design ensures ease of use.

Efficient use flow

Users of blood pressure monitors need a simple interaction with minimal steps and accurate results. Therefore, we've focused on designing a seamless use flow prioritizing efficiency and accuracy.