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WHAT AND HOW: 12 years as design and innovation agency!

April 12, 2019

Our 12 years as award-winning design and innovation agency

Originally founded as LUNAR Europe, independent European partner studio of LUNAR Design in San Francisco and becoming FLUID in 2017, we have since then been designing for the business challenges of our time, creating beautiful design that people love.

In addition to our core team of industrial and UX designers, we have - in the course of these 12 years - responded to our clients’ growing need of strategic support by establishing our Insights & Strategy team, offering qualitative user insights research as an integral part of the early design and innovation process. Also, the growing importance of technology-based products and software interfaces lead us to extensively grow our User Experience and Interface Design team.

As design and innovation agency offering such a wide spectrum of different design disciplines, we thought it was about time to put together the highlights of our 12 years of existence.We loved the idea of going back to print and commit our identity to paper. This beautifully reflects who we are at our core: a design agency working at the intersection of digital and physical. 

What we created are WHAT and HOW, two wonderful bound paper works:

WHAT is a collection of some of the most inspiring projects that we have worked on over the years. Beautifully crafted, iconic products, innovative UX solutions, intuitive UI guidelines, and strategic roadmaps.

HOW illustrates our design processes, the tools and methods we have developed and apply and how we approach the challenges in our work in order to help our clients to be successful.

We hope to inspire you with the result as much as it does inspire us.