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Matthis Hamann speaks at ADC Design Experience 2017.

October 5, 2017

This year's ADC Design Experience 2017 took place in Stuttgart October 5-6 under the motto "Design Disrupts ... Design".

16 leading designers and design experts, among others Nivea and Deutsche Telekom, Hello Monday, McKinsey Digital and Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design provided insights into their visions and inspirations. 

Our managing partner Matthis Hamann spoke about THE CHANGING ROLE OF DESIGN and how it impacts the product development process from the very beginning. He emphasized what a great opportunity this new role is for designers and how their work can influence the future of today's most important industries and help shape a better world.

Matthis began his talk with the 2 things that all of FLUID`s clients have in common: 1) their need for innovation 2) the need to better understand the users' wants and needs in order to be successful with their products & services. He explained how this is exactly the approach FLUID takes: starting off with an integrated team of researchers, strategists, UX-, industrial and service designers to understand and evaluate the users needs and unveil innovation opportunities way before the actual design process takes place. 

Matthis explained how this perception of design and innovation, together with the practice of working within a multidisciplinary team, positions FLUID within the design industry. He then illustrated this unique approach by sharing numerous interesting and colorful examples from FLUID's everyday work routine.