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Celebrating in Berlin: iF Design Award ceremony 2022.

May 1, 2022

6 iF awards for us and our customers!

We are beyond happy about so much recognition for the projects we worked on with our clients!
So, of course, we did not miss the opportunity to travel to Berlin and attend this year's iF Design Award Night 2022 at the imposing Friedrichstadt-Palast and celebrated with our clients, all the other award winners and the entire design industry.

We had a blast! Thanks to the iF Design Award and to all who helped to organize this great event!

132 high profile design experts from over 20 countries made up this year’s iF jury panel, deciding on the entries with the greatest innovative power. 

Here are our awarded design stars - projects we realized together with our incredible clients that have won in one of the most recognized design competitions worldwide:

Carevix, a modern, innovative and women-friendly gynecological device for gentle IUD insertion.

Kolibri, an exceptionally user-friendly, pocket-sized nebulizer we designed together with start up Pulmotree.

Siemens Coin, a completely new Software User Experience for HR processes.

Eve Outdoor camera, a smart outdoor cam that can rotate around 3 axes and ensures your home security.

Gigaset OS, a multi-platform OS and global brand & design system spanning all Gigaset OS products
We are incredibly happy to finish these projects with such recognition!