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Designing for different cultures.

August 23, 2020

What we perceive as beautiful or aesthetically appealing is shaped by the culture we live in, but it is also highly individual. So working on a new design for a product range which is sold around the globe is a very challenging venture.

How can we meet the very different demands on “good design” across different cultures? What is the common denominator we choose, knowing that we cannot meet all expectations equally? What design pleases most, if not all, of those interested in our product?

As designers & researchers at FLUID we are currently in such a process for a client. We experienced once more that coming to a satisfying solution not only requires deeply exploring different cultures, but also mastering the tools to translate those cultural insights into a successful design strategy.

The challenge to offer a design with a global reach concerns the majority of all companies, therefore it is very worthwile for us as designers and researchers to be aware of our responsibility.