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Designing a lighthouse project.

July 10, 2020

A lighthouse project, in addition to its original purpose, is intended to be successful, widely known and have a signal effect for numerous internal follow-up projects. 
Consequently, designing a lighthouse product is in itself a very special challenge. Doing so for a start up developing a medical device makes it even more demanding. Currently, our UX team is in such a process, working on the UX / UI part of a medical product that is being developed from scratch. 

From our experience and numerous projects we have been involved with in the past, we are aware of the great responsibility inherent to this. We know how crucial it is to co-create with each of our client’s interdisciplinary teams at every step of the process. 

Being able to offer our clients the whole range of services, from strategy, research & testing, physical to digital was the main reason our client placed trust in us. Indeed, it helps enormously that we are used to working interdisciplinary and take a holistic approach. Which is, in our opinion, the only approach that serves our customers.