Simplifying online sales.

Live Contract: a one-stop e-tail solution for Online Sales.

Client Syncpilot
The challenge

Selling complex products and services online is very challenging and makes special demands of the salesman/-woman every step of the way.

How could we help to overcome difficulties and simplify the online sales process? 


The result

Live Contract brings together all the individual steps of the complex online sales process into a complete one-stop e-tail solution.

The tool guides the user through the sales process effortlessly, providing various services that simplify his work at every stage - from initial call up to the digital signature.

Designing a complete one-stop e-tail solution


Advising customers and presenting and selling multifaceted products and services online is a complex process that makes special demands of the user every step of the way.


By conducting interviews with sales professionals from different industries and different levels of experience, we familiarized ourselves with their individual approaches to the online sales process.


We narrowed down the results to best represent the wants and needs of the sales professionals in this very competitive environment with a high level of stress and time pressure and developed a flexible service that provides the right tools & services at every step of the sales process:

Several participants can follow the online presentation at the same time, wherever they happen to be. The possibility of using a wide range of different media (films, presentations etc) makes the consultation more interesting for the customer.

Voice and video recording & digital signature:online sale transactions conducted with LiveContract are 100% legally valid. 


Live Contract doesn’t have to be installed: everything takes place in the cloud. If required, all customer data can be stored in the cloud, making the service attractive for companies of any size. 


By bringing together all individual steps of the complex online sales process into a complete one-stop e-tail solution, the user can fully concentrate on what`s most important: his client.


More about Live Contract:

"A powerful tool that combines, in an agreeable and contemporary fashion, pre-sales advice, product presentations, and duly executed sales into an intelligently rendered and user-friendly online platform"

German Design Award Jury

  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Digital Experience Prototypes
  • Usability Testing
  • Implementation Support
  • Quality Assurance
UXDA Nominated 2016
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