Step up your game!

PLAY, the innovative gaming kit.

The challenge

With today's mobile devices and easy accessible apps, everyone is a gamer. With PLAY we blur the borders between mobile and console gaming. Because fun should have no limits.

The result

A fully flexible ecosystem that turns your mobile device into an uncompromised gaming machine. PLAY offers a whole new gaming experience: Play anywhere, anytime.


Play anywhere, anytime.

Attach control pads directly to your screen and turn it into a full-on gaming device, with great usability and intuitive shortcuts to various gaming features. Easily combine PLAY parts to a complete ergonomic, connected controller. Full gaming experience, easy to take along. Play where you want with no compromises.

An all new intuitive physical and digital interaction experience.

PLAY features a 360º projection and sound system that turns any surface into your own gaming universe. Create your own race tracks and virtual worlds in a fun and intuitive way. Play like you never imagined before.

  • Design Sprint
  • Industrial Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Trend Studies
  • Concept Development