Making home care easier.

TABLU, a service system supporting home-care of the elderly.

The challenge

Help lift psychological and physical burden from informal care givers, who risk their own health to provide home-care for a senior. TABLU is a service system supporting home-care of the elderly. Through a tablet application, Helps lift psychological and physical burden from informal caregivers.

The result

An easy to use tablet application to restore the confidence and quality of life of informal care givers thus strengthening society’s ability to meet our seniors’ desire to age at home with dignity. 

Aging with dignity

How would you like to age? At home, surrounded by your beloved family? Many people think so, and choose to live at home as they age - even after an accident, a stroke or simply the signs of age have put an end to being self-reliant.  


In the context of aging societies, an increasing number of families find themselves being exhausted from home-caring a senior. As informal caregivers, barely trained, they are lifting the heavy weight of providing medical services, and at times putting their own health at risk as they do not know how to protect themselves from injuries. They are not always sure that they are doing it right either. This uncertainty might seem minor at first, but can cause psychological damage like anxiety in the long run.

In an effort to encourage innovations that help these families, Germany among other nations, funds respective programs. LUNAR participated in partnership with a group of other strong organizations in a 3 year long program called TABLU. Together we explored how to lift the burden from informal caregivers by connecting them with the expertise of care-professionals.

The outcome is an easy to use tablet application packed with the right features that really make a difference for the users. It offers an expanding video library to guide caregivers through the ABC of home-care, e. g. videos to show how to move an impaired senior, which is physically challenging and can cause injuries on both sides if done wrong. The collection of videos were compiled and produced with the focus on the needs of this specific target group.

In pressing cases of doubt and anxiety TABLU offers real-time support from available care-professionals, so nobody is left alone when in need. With Tablu users are empowered and feel in control again.

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