An overarching design language.

Standing out in the fast evolving ebike market.

Client BLOKS.
The challenge

Supporting BLOKS in creating a new and dynamic design system to provide bicycle manufacturers and brands with a service platform including an entire infrastructure of customizable UI components.

The result

An overarching design language for an end-to-end e-bike start-up, embracing an entire design system with all its components and UX touchpoints, while easily adaptable  to other brands.

Standing out in a fast evolving market.

Within the still growing and fast-evolving electronic bicycle market, BLOKS aimed to provide an end-to-end service for bicycle manufacturers and brands. This included all physical components as well as UX touchpoints, form assembly, dealer, platform management, end-user apps and bike computers.

A design system to frame the customer experience.

With the expansion of communication channels today and digital product design taking center stage, it is fundamental for brands and companies to maintain a cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints.

Tell a magical story through consistency.

Having e-bikes in mind which combine freedom, nature and energy in a complete new way, we got inspired by the natural phenomena Aurora Borealis.


Its spectacular effects of energy should lay the foundation of BLOKS' visual design language - with every single element of the design system breathing the same magic and mystique.

Discover by exploring.

The metaphor of the Aurora informed the general color story for status indications such as battery levels or progress bars.


The true essence of it was explored by iterating through multiple variations that needed to be challenged in regards of expandability, accessibility and brand expression.

The right component in the right UI at the right time.


A harmonious and strong picture of the brand could be realized once all touchpoints conveyed a coherent user experience tailored to their specific use case in the portfolio.


The BLOKS design system embraces components for their bike computer, their app as well as the desktop user interface.

Efficiency by a single source of truth.

The key intent of a design system is to speed up the workflow of designers and developers by reducing duplicating of interface elements and establishing a strict systematic consistency.


For BLOKS we created a final library that describes fundamental colors, typography, iconography as well as global principles and interaction behaviors of the most commonly used components, across desktop, mobile, and their bike computer HMI.


One more thing.

BLOKS intent was to be fully customizable for other bike brands — since they offered their services and platform as a white label version. Therefore the design system had to be easily adaptable and work well with other brand color schemes as well.

We made the developers happy.

BLOKS biggest challenge was time to market. Therefore the handover of the design system to their developers was crucial and needed to work flawlessly with one of the many collaboration tools available today.


We helped BLOKS to find the right mix to deliver their product to its customers.

  • Service & User Experience Design
  • Interaction Concept Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Design and Development Sprints
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Front end Development 
  • Quality Assurance 
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