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The next step in smart home technology.


Eve Design Language

Design language

Eve Design Language

The Challenge

Create a simple yet iconic design language that affords a strong and unified character across the entire new Eve portfolio to elevate Eve to a market leader.

The Solution

A simple system that can be scaled to any Eve product to create an iconic, exciting and timeless design. It enables Eve products to seamlessly blend into any home environment - indoor and outdoor.

A design language for devices that care for your safety, well-being and convenience

We were asked by Eve Systems, a leader in smart home products, to develop a design system for all product categories: Heating, Air Quality, Energy, Lighting, Security and Outdoor that fit the homes of today and tomorrow.

Our client’s aspiration for its devices is convenience and, above all, data protection: the company is extremely sensitive about privacy.

All data is fully encrypted and only transferred between the Eve accessory and the user’s devices.

Accordingly, we committed to creating a design language that reflects our client’s mission: all Eve designs now feature two parts - an intelligent, precious inner core, and a slim, protective frame that visually embraces and protects that inner core.

That way the hardware design expresses physically what the software offers.

Strongly rooted in the Apple world

Eve has a strong heritage of creating ideal smart home solutions within the Apple eco system.

Contributing to the design update of Smart Home products, we helped Eve to make the transition and open up to a broader Smart Home world.

Highlights & Capabilities

Highlights & Capabilities

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