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The omnipresence of strategy.

March 16, 2020

Strategy is everywhere and for all sorts of reasons. Sports teams have strategies, political parties and NGOs have strategies, cities have strategies, you and me have strategies, and, of course, organizations have strategies. Or, shall we say, they are supposed to? Universities produce strategists, big and small consulting firms offer strategy services, and generally everyone seems to know what it means to strategize.

In Organization Theory strategy has become somewhat a sovereign field over the past few decades, to the extent that scholars even started calling it „the queen of the management sciences“ (Harney, 2007). Given the popularity and omnipresence of strategy, we at FLUID believe that it is important for everyone who intends to employ strategic thought meaningfully to be able to read and understand the language of strategy - not at least in the context of design. 

To help ourselves and others make sense of what is going on at the intersection between those two fascinating fields, we will soon start publishing short bites that illustrate where we at FLUID position ourselves in the diverse practice of strategy-making.

Big commitment and we look forward to interesting discussions!