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Friedrichshafen Eurobike.

July 27, 2018

This year's Eurobike in Friedrichshafen already took place in july. Our colleague Samuel was there to see the latest releases and get an overview of the newest trends in the field.

This year what was striking was the ongoing growing presence of e-Bikes and their increasing importance in the market. New mobility solutions are driving people to change their habits and e-Bike providers want to be part of this change. Looking through the different offerings you can see a range of diverse products and how they are approaching this market trying to find their place.

Like Stefano Marzano once said, “The house of the future is the house of the past”. This analogy holds good also in the world of e-Bikes as it was interesting to see how future mobility wants to be strongly inspired from the bike of the past. It was evident that there is a focus on deeper integrating the electrical components to increasingly make them resemble ‘regular’ bikes. The reduced forms and simplicity are becoming a symbol of product quality.

by Samuel Coendet