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Design Sprint with Loop Medical.

May 18, 2019

We at FLUID are constantly curious and update our tools and methods on nearly every project. We have been conducting design sprints for a lot of our clients, enabling them to align on their challenges and quickly deliver a solution that can be evaluated by users. We find the design sprint to be a format that works very well, but of course, like any tool we use, it needs to be curated to fit the client that we are working with.

Recently we ran a refined version of the design sprint with Loop Medical, a start-up looking to simplify the process of blood collection. The challenge that this start-up had was to communicate the story and benefits of the product without actually revealing any details about the same. The team got together and began work for a few intense days to identify the stakeholders and align on a strategy for communication. The result of this was a landing page that could be quickly tested with users before further refinement.

We had a great time working on this sprint with the team and realized yet again the potential of design sprints when we bring together the right exercises and help define and realize concepts. Of course, the credit also goes to a team that works great together leading to results that everyone is satisfied with.

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