Serving people's everyday lives.

A unique flagship product for an intelligent service assistant for the home.

The challenge

Defining a unique flagship product for Deutsche Telekom that builds upon Telekom's trusted brand reputation  and ensures relevance in a very disruptive market.


The result

A new vision for a highly visible and recognizable service access point and service assistant enabled by artificial intelligence.

Creating a positive customer touchpoint


As a communication provider, Deutsche Telekom wants to preserve their space in the digital lifestyle value chain of their customers and maintain relevance in an already very disruptive market that has been revolutionized by some of the new global players. 


Deutsche Telekom asked FLUID to define a unique flagship product for a service access point that builds upon the trusted brand reputation and perception.

In a fast tracked user-centric innovation process, from identified user needs, through early concept generation to a working prototype, we brought together all our capabilities.

With user-experience and interface design, service and industrial design we shaped and co-created a new vision for a highly visible and recognizable service assistant that creates a positive customer touchpoint enabled by artificial intelligence. 


In iterative loops with real customers, we defined the value propositions that speak to their core interests, that are highly ranked in customer acceptance by creating trust, protecting their privacy and leaving them in full control.

The working prototype shows a multi-sensual user experience that involves gesture, voice, touch and visual interaction. Consequently the service assistant differentiates from existing solutions on the market that purely focus on voice interaction, but even more important adds value to the customers life by understanding the true nature of human interaction and the customers’ needs.


As the winning concept in a customer voting, a tangible vision is now demonstrated in the T-Gallery to create internal and external momentum.


  • Contextual inquiry interviews
  • value proposition & use case exploration
  • concept development
  • customer testing & co-creation
  • UI / UX and Industrial Design
  • functional software & hardware prototype
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