Service Design


We create engaging services that truly meet user needs.

In a collaborative process we research, envisage, prototype and then orchestrate service experiences, over time and multiple touchpoints, with the clear goal to create a great, memorable service experience for users and connect them with your brand.

We develop strong service design strategies, while ensuring that both your customer and business values are well balanced. In a close collaboration we ensure that these strategies are then executed and implemented into delightful, engaging experiences.

  • Depth Interviews
  • B2B Depth Interviews
  • Participant Observation
  • Participation
  • User Workshops
  • User Journey Map
  • Use-Flow Analysis
  • User Stories
  • Value Proposition Mapping
  • Cultural Probes
  • Competitive Matrix Analysis
  • Service Experience Prototyping
  • Baseline Data Definition
  • Implementation Support
  • Service Blueprint
  • Touchpoint Map
  • Co-Creation Sessions