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Embracing a customer-centric approach to innovation.

Hager Group

Workshop design and facilitation

The Challenge

As part of a 3-year plan within the long-term company strategy, Hager Group embraces a customer-centric approach to innovation. Since the beginnings the customer has been in the centre of the company’s attention, and today this approach boosts cross-functional collaboration as well as concrete improvements. To activate their plan, the Hager Group international leadership team required alignment to develop a deeper understanding of how next-generation customers can be better served and supported. Considerations needed to be made on how future market trends will impact not just their product offering but, more importantly, the type of customer-based relationships and services needed to maintain a leading position in the market.

The Solution

With customer centricity as one of the key enablers for the 2030 organisation-wide strategy, 100x global leaders gathered to step into the shoes of their future customer. A tailored workshop offering guided the Hager Group leadership team and some young talents through an entire day of building deep empathy for their next-generation customer, developing customer-focused commitments and agreeing on organisation-wide tangible actions.

Designing and facilitating a full-day workshop for 100x global leaders.

The day was composed to take Hager Group’s leaders through a well-structured and engaging journey, accompanied by tailored activities, artefacts and prompts.
The workshop focussed on defining 3 key ingredients required to establish authentic customer-centricity with Hager Group by creating customer relevance, managing innovation activities and deciding on necessary actions for delivery.

Building empathy

Hager Group’s leadership team delved into the needs, expectations and desires of their future customers based on external market trends and forces.
Across carefully constructed workshop teams, individuals defined a series of detailed profiles that depict how the organisation can best accompany the next-generation customer on their journey.

Making commitments

Embracing a customer-centric mindset from the very start of the day, leaders channelled their empathy to define commitments on how the organisation can shift from a product-based organisation to one that is centralised around the outcomes of the customer. 100 commitment statements were crafted, setting an inspirational target of how to better serve customers in the near and far future.

Taking action

Powered by enthusiasm, leaders defined what needs to be true within the organisation in order to deliver on the newly shaped customer commitments. The group identified immediate actions to take on board immediately as well as long-term systemic organisation wide shifts.

“Customer centricity is for all of us!"
Jacob Schambye
Group Sales & Marketing SVP Europe, Hager Group

Highlights & Capabilities

Organisational and customer-based research

Leveraging wealth of existing internal knowledge and customer insight, we connected with relevant business unit leaders to develop an understanding of the role customer centricity can specifically play for an organisation such as Hager Group.
In conjunction, we connected with Hager Group’s core customer group, electrical installers, to gather first-hand experience on their core needs, requirements and expectations of the company.

Tailored workshop design and facilitator briefing

Based on the leadership group’s desired outcome to define a structured vision for customer centricity at Hager Group, we designed a full-day workshop experience, accompanied by tailored activities, artefacts and prompts. FLUID and Hager Group joined forces to co-facilitate on the day. A core component of our work included preparing and supporting a 10-person facilitation team to guide the leadership team through the day.