Crafting a MenCare line with a unique character.

Beurer MenCare

multi-groomer, beard trimmer, hair clipper, rotary shaver

The Challenge

Crafting the next generation of a MenCare range that seamlessly embodies the Beurer brand DNA.

The Solution

Based on the newly developed Beurer Visual Design Language, we created a destinctive MenCare Line that celebrates newly established design elements.

A bold design language

We have injected a dynamic and confident expression of the Beurer design DNA into the MenCare line, giving a fresh and strong resonance to its audience. The MenCare line includes an all-in-one multi-groomer, beard trimmer, hair clipper and a rotary shaver. While each product serves a distinct function and varies in size, they share a common character that underscores their belonging to the same family.

All products feature a unified front contour with a consistent 4-degree tapering angle, creating a cohesive appearance. This design includes a recessed surface on the front that serves as a functional space for ergonomic buttons and the display.

On the back, the well-defined gripping ribs have been carefully incorporated to ensure a secure hold, even in situations where hands may be wet, such as in the bathroom. Additionally, the prominent red "Beurer line" serves as a defining element that also contributes to a distinctive and cohesive aesthetic across all products.

A strategic partnership

As Beurer’s strategic partner, we developed the company’s newly defined design language and product design guidelines to ensure a consistent company portfolio. The MenCare Line is an excellent example to represent the new aesthetics of Beurer’s design language.

Highlights & Capabilities

A pivotal design element

The red "Beurer line" separates the functional from the user interaction area, supporting intuitive handling and usability while also adding to the overall distinctive aesthetics of the product line.

Multidisciplinary, full-service design

Starting with early conceptual sketches, followed by in-depth market research, gathering user insights and developing both, low and high-fidelity mockups, we seamlessly progressed to the final product.