Taking aesthetics to new heights.

LB 300 Plus

Air Humidifier

The Challenge

Designing an air humidifier that seamlessly blends into contemporary home interiors while exuding a sense of high performance.

The Solution

Beurer LB 300 Plus air humidifier masters the balance between softness and modernity and comes in a fresh and appealing design. Its geometry aligns harmoniously with typical elements found in modern interiors.

Uniting aesthetics and functionality

Designed for the renowned German wellbeing and lifestyle brand Beurer, this air humidifier series combines aesthetics with practicality. It complements modern home interiors, resembling a high-end consumer electronic product, while maintaining a cozy, inviting feel.

Reducing the draft angle to achieve a vertical and straight appearance presented a technical obstacle that was solved through a close collaboration with the engineers.

We developed a fresh and appealing design with a well-defined cross-section and an interface that is thoughtfully elevated.

The interface is elevated for user convenience and appears seamless, resembling a solid glass piece when the product is off. The attention to detail is consistent throughout, ensuring a well-designed 360-degree experience.

At the top, a copper-colored air grid pattern contrasts with the matte black main housing. This design adds a touch of sophistication and draws attention to the main features of the product.

A strategic partnership

As Beurer’s strategic partner, we developed the company’s newly defined design language and product design guidelines to ensure a consistent company portfolio.

This air humidifier is an excellent example to represent the new aesthetics of Beurer’s design language.

Highlights & Capabilities

Seamless interface

The interface design was developed in parallel with the physical product design, aiming to craft a seamless user experience centered around simplicity and user-friendliness.

Contemporary blend

LB 300 Plus air humidifier is crafted to seamlessly integrate with modern home interiors, evoking a sense of high-quality consumer electronic products.