Innovating patient examinations in eye care.

Occyo One

Ocular surface imaging device

The Challenge

Establishing the design foundation for Occyo through their premier venture into the ophthalmic care market.

The Solution

The Occyo One streamlines patient examinations in eye care by seamlessly integrating sophisticated technology with human-centric design.

Revolutionizing Ophthalmic Imaging

In a world where the number of physicians is decreasing while the prevalence of ophthalmic issues is on the rise, clinics are dealing with an increasing overload of patients. Occyo aims to reduce this load by standardising optical imaging.

With their patented lens technology and automatic eye-tracking feature, the Occyo One creates a high resolution picture of the entire ocular surface with one simple click, even by not-specialised operators.

In comparison to conventional photography, Occyo One transforms the documentation of ocular surface pathologies, offering a systematic approach that enhances ophthalmic care and patient outcomes.

Balancing technological advancements with human qualities

In the intersection of technology and healthcare, striking a balance between innovation and human connection is paramount.

We rethought the Occyo One as a bridge between the doctor and the patient.

The patient faces a trustworthy and inviting head and chin rest, while the medical personal benefits from a large, high-resolution tilt-able display for their interface.

This harmonious blend of advanced technology and thoughtful design creates  a more empathetic healthcare experience.

Guiding an innovation from inception to launch

The Occyo One marks Occyo's first entry into the professional ophthalmic care market.

Through a user-friendly design, patient-focused ergonomics, and close collaboration with engineering, we played a crucial role in shaping every aspect of Occyo’s venture - from inception to launch.

Cutting-edge medical devices with appeal to patients and doctors - this is what we achieved with FLUID.
Ulrich Hausmann
Managing Director, Occyo

Highlights & Capabilities

Ergonomics and Human factors

Testing ergonomics with prototypes, and designing an architecture from the ground up that fits into the standard ophthalmic table dimensions.

Medical field expertise

Our experience in the medical field, through numerous projects and collaborations has enabled us to conceive a vision and transform it into successful market-ready products.