University Tübingen

Playfully exploring life circumstances.


Card deck

The Challenge

Encourage people to think about their living conditions in order to anticipate and discuss possible obstacles in the future.

The Solution

The card deck Kick, developed as a prototype for the University of Tübingen, helps people to gain clarity & evaluate their living conditions by asking questions about their home, personal abilities, social life, and surroundings.

Thinking about tomorrow.

Our aging society faces several challenges that can impact the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. As people live longer, there is a growing demand for inclusive infrastructure, healthcare and social services.

An environment in which we feel comfortable, the ability to care for ourselves, a rich social life, friends, mobility, and much more is hugely important for people of all ages.

The University of Tübingen approached FLUID to co-create a card deck that allows people to think about their circumstances in a playful way in order to anticipate possible difficulties and change them for the better.

Life circumstances put to the test

When exploring life with Kick, users first answer all questions honestly and then sort the cards into three categories.

  • Green: Everything is fine.
  • Blue: There might be problems in the future
  • Red: The situation is urgent

Depending on how many cards are in the blue and red piles, the player can consult an expert on age-appropriate living.
Together they can figure out how to improve the situation according to the player's needs.

The design considers visual impairments and colour blindness by using special typography and easily recognizable symbols.

Highlights & Capabilities